Family unites us all. We want the future to be bright for every age, from childhood through older adulthood. more
Leadership team members embody the mission of St. John’s United and aspire to ensure that healing, meaning, and purpose are advanced every day for every age throughout the organization.
St. John’s United is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization owned by 25 Lutheran congregations located in Montana. These more
St. John’s United is a community of diverse people sharing God’s healing presence. Our Mission is to provide living opportunities within nurturing environments of hope, dignity, and love.
St. John’s United has served people in Montana for over half a century. Throughout those years St. John’s has abided in the missional intent of its founders while adapting to ever changing human and community needs.
Family Unites Us All We Help and Heal Across the communities of St. John’s United, there is a focus more
What is Health? It’s Personal to Everyone We have rehabilitated thousands of joints and limbs and helped people recover more
Home Is Where You Are We’ll Meet You There St. John’s United has expertise in aging and older adulthood. more
Caring for others is what we do. Our hope is that volunteering at St. John’s United is an enriching more
There are an abundance of resources online related to aging. Here are some that we have found helpful. Just more