The St. John’s United Nursing Apprentice Fellowship program was launched in June, 2020. The purpose of the program is to provide nursing school tuition assistance and career applicable employment to students pursuing their LPN or RN degrees.

This program is a collaborative venture between St. John’s United and the Montana Youth Apprenticeship Partnership (MYAP), which seeks to increase opportunities for Montana’s young people to prepare for in-demand careers through the development and expansion of youth apprenticeship program models.

Funding Source

SJU Nursing Apprentice Fellows are exceptional students pre-selected to demonstrate they have a high likelihood to become nurses. There are no more than four fellowships awarded each year. A Fellow is offered practical paid experience at St. John’s as a Certified Nursing Assistant while pursuing a nursing degree. 

Nursing Apprentice Fellowship

St. John’s United seeks exceptional students to apply for entry into this Nursing Apprentice Fellowship program. There are a limited number of students annually selected from a large pool of applicants. All selected students receive practical paid experience at St. John’s United as Certified Nursing Assistants. Hours worked at St. John’s by each student are recorded and later converted into future nursing school tuition assistance.

An application is required for consideration.