The End of Life We All Hope For

When St. John’s United developed our new tagline, “So Much Life to Live,” we considered how this applies to every group we serve. Clearly, our young people and older adults enjoy years of a fine quality of life. But what about our hospice patients? We wondered, “Do they have so much life to live?”

We quickly realized that our patients live a better quality of life and often live longer because of hospice care. We feel the act of transitioning from this life is one to be lived beautifully and as best as possible. In fact, living those last few months, weeks, and days with the best life has to offer is all we could hope for—for ourselves and for our loved ones. And that is exactly what St. John’s does for our hospice patients.

Why Choose St. John’s?

St. John’s hospice team cares first for the patient, and, second, for the family. Our team has been noted for two distinguishing features of hospice care:

Top Patient Satisfaction Scores

Family members and friends of patients give us top satisfaction survey scores among Medicare-certified hospices in Yellowstone County. We consistently earn high scores.

Here is what they said we did best:

  • Give timely help
  • Relieve pain and symptoms
  • Provide emotional and spiritual support
  • Communicate regularly with family
  • Train family to care for the patient

High Staff-to-Patient Ratios

We pride ourselves on our high staff-to-patient ratios. We adjust staffing as our patients’ needs, and the needs of their families, change. This is who makes up our interdisciplinary team of professionals:

  • Physicians and nurses: oversee and maintain patient care
  • CNAs: help with activities of daily living
  • Social workers: coordinate community resources
  • Chaplains: give spiritual support at the end of life
  • Bereavement coordinators: help patients and families deal with grief
  • Volunteers: offer companionship and support
  • Counselors and therapists: provide dietary advice and consultative therapies, as needed


When you or a loved one are in need of end-of-life care, choose the name you trust. The comfort that St. John’s United provides is second to none.