The library is a collection of excellent assistive and adaptive devices and technologies that can support ones efforts to stay independent. This library gives you the opportunity to “try out” various devices for a limited time without committing to the cost of buying them until you determine that device is effective for your situation and worth purchasing. This is a huge benefit as many of the devices are an expensive investment.  Should you like to maximize the benefit of these tools and other ways to help improve your situation, our therapy services (i.e. physical, occupational, speech) is available and willing to help train and assist you as a part of an Outpatient Therapy Visit that is typically a covered service by Medicare or many insurances.

Examples of benefit of library use and therapy combined:

Some of the devices include Handheld Video Magnifier, medication dispensing units, ipads, and many more.  Many of the devices are useful for those with decreased movement especially decreased hand dexterity and strength, decreased memory, low vision, balance problems, difficulty with activities of daily living (such as dressing, hygiene, cooking, obtaining groceries etc.) pain in neck, arms or hands, and difficulty hearing.  These impairments are the same impairments that could improve with receiving therapy services and we are happy to assist you.  For a complete list of available Devices you can Click Here to see the list, then call Melissa 406-655-5251 for availability and check out process.

St. John’s United Adaptive Device Library was made possible by generous donations from American Lutheran Church, Hetzel Foundation, Laura Haefer and Jim Ochletree and a letter of recommendation by Big Sky Senior Services. We appreciate their support!