If you are considering the next steps to find a family to adopt your child, St. John’s United can provide you with a family services counselor to help identify the qualities and values most important to you in an adoptive family. Our counselors have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to walk beside you on this journey.

Our intention is to assist you towards a plan for open adoption and support you and your child during this process. We take into careful consideration the unique circumstances of each adoption based on the interests and wishes of the birth parents, adoptive parents, and child.

Our waiting families have received extensive home study preparation and ongoing education resources about open adoption and are committed to raising your child in a two-parent household. We also ensure that each of our families have shown that they are financially stable and can provide a secure environment to raise your child.

Ready to meet a few of our Waiting Families? We can provide additional information about these families when you meet with one of our family services counselors.

*Please note that some of these families may not be available when you contact us.