Billings, Montana, known for its scenic beauty and warm community, is an ideal setting for seniors seeking the perfect blend of tranquility and engagement in their retirement years. Independent living for seniors in Billings offers a unique lifestyle that allows retirees to savor their golden years to the fullest while enjoying the stunning backdrop of Big Sky Country.

At St. John’s United independent living communities, seniors discover a haven where they can maintain their autonomy, freedom, and vibrant lifestyles. These communities are designed to cater to the diverse needs and desires of our retirees. Here’s what you can expect from St. John’s United:

  1. Community and Friendship: Our independent living communities foster a strong sense of community and social interaction. Seniors have the opportunity to form lasting friendships and enjoy a range of activities, ensuring that their retirement years are fulfilling and enjoyable.
  2. Maintenance-Free Lifestyle: Independent living removes the burden of household chores and maintenance, allowing seniors to focus on what truly matters to them. From housekeeping to lawn care, these communities take care of the nitty-gritty, so residents can concentrate on pursuing their passions and hobbies.
  3. Safety and Accessibility: Our independent living options provide safe and accessible living spaces. Residents can rest easy knowing that their living environments are designed with their well-being in mind, with features that enhance safety and mobility.
  4. Variety of Accommodations: Choose from a range of one or two-bedroom apartments across different locations in Billings. This variety allows them to customize their living arrangements to suit their preferences and needs.
  5. Healthcare Support: As residents’ healthcare needs change over time, these communities offer priority access to comprehensive care services. Knowing that they have reliable healthcare options provides peace of mind for both residents and their families.
independent living at st. john's united

Residents who want to maintain their independence will find all they need as they settle into a St. John’s community. They will find peace, serenity, friendship and activities that enrich their lives. With independent living there is no need to worry about the more physically challenging tasks like cooking, cleaning and laundry. Our floor plans are safe and accessible, with the peace and privacy you like.

There are one or two-bedroom apartments available in four different locations allowing you to be as free and independent as you want. If your health needs change once you move into an independent living setting, you have priority access to any of the care services and communities within the St. John’s family. Having a back-up healthcare plan is just one more way St. John’s United enriches your independent lifestyle and gives you peace of mind for the future.   

Independent living for seniors at St. John’s United is more than just a lifestyle choice—it’s an opportunity to embrace the beauty of Montana, form new connections, and enjoy a maintenance-free life. With the stunning natural surroundings and welcoming community, St. John’s United in Billings is the perfect place for seniors to savor their independence and create new memories in their retirement years.