Center for Generations is a unique childcare program in which the focus is on early childhood development alongside inter-generational programming. We believe that our children are positively affected by interactions with the elder community at St. John’s United. Equally, we know that elders are positively affected by interactions with the children. Our focus with inter-generational programming is to provide opportunities to build respectful relationships with our elders.

We believe in providing a developmentally appropriate environment that enhances each child’s individual development. We are a State of Montana Licensed center and a STAR 2 provider. We follow guidelines set by the state license and STARS to Quality program. These guidelines, along with the Montana Early Learning Standards (MELS), the Infant and Toddler rating scales (ITERS), and Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales (ECERS) help base the developmentally appropriate environments and caring practices of Center for Generations.

The Center for Generations is a faith-based, but non-denominational early childcare program. We are dedicated to providing a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment where children can experiment, explore and learn about the world around them. We celebrate and value the diversity of our families, fostering each child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development. We hope for a bright future for every child, and the opportunity for each child to grow and engage in a variety of learning activities in a safe, nurturing, and educational atmosphere.


Our programs range from early infant care to Pre-K classes with classroom size limits so that your child has the best care and guidance possible. We also offer summer programs for students over the age of five. We provide breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all age groups and consider mealtime another opportunity for learning. We strive to create a peaceful, home-like setting in which children can freely converse amongst themselves and their teachers. All children will engage in a quiet rest time in the afternoon. Older children who may not need naps will participate in quiet activities (reading, coloring etc.) until quiet time is complete. For our younger children, we follow the philosophy that toilet training can only be effective if the child wants to learn and feels responsible. We will provide assistance, support, and enthusiasm for this great milestone as kids begin to exhibit interest in potty training.


Each class group is designed to enhance the various levels of a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. Through learning centers, children are encouraged to explore, play, and learn at their own pace. Teachers serve as facilitators in the learning process, guiding and acting on learning opportunities that present themselves daily. With flexible, but planned lessons and curriculum children have experience in small and large group settings, active and quiet play times, with structured and free choice activities. We believe that all childcare should provide daily opportunities for art, science, math, building, music, movement, manipulative and language exploration. Center for Generations is a place where children have the freedom to experiment and explore in an environment that promotes positive developmental growth.

  • Infants (0- walking/approx. 15 months)
  • Young Toddlers (15-24 months)
  • Playschool (2-3 years old)
  • Preschool (3-4 years old)
  • Pre-K Bears (4-5 years old)
  • Pre-K Bees (4-5 years old)
    * This program is not a substitute for public kindergarten*
  • School Age Child Care/Summer Program


We utilize the entire St. John’s West End campus as our childcare classroom. Our favorite spots include the big hill courtyard, town square, the duck pond, the gross motor room, and other areas of the campus community.

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