We often hear residents, families, and clients say what an amazing job a staff member did for someone, and we agree.  Often there is a desire to give that staff member an appreciation gift.  It is important to remind everyone that staff are NOT allowed to individually accept gifts from families, residents, or clients directly. Please do NOT put staff in an uncomfortable position to have to reject your generosity.

We do however collect funds in aggregate and share with all staff equally two times a year during a Summer and Christmas appreciation event.  You can give to the staff appreciation effort directly on the St. John’s United Website (be sure to direct your contribution to “Staff Appreciation”).   Funds received after the collection date for that event will be carried forward to the next appreciation event.

Thank you for joining your neighbors and loved ones in honoring and appreciating the staff of St. John’s United in this manner.

As you make your gift, you may also give honor to a staff member who has inspired your generosity.

Note: Since these funds go directly to staff, the gift is not tax deductible per IRS guidelines, but always very much appreciated.