St. John’s often hears from residents, patients, clients, and families about the high-quality of care and services provided by its employees. Out of gratitude, people sometimes desire to offer these employees an appreciation gift. Gifting directly to employees, however, is not allowed, so St. John’s requests that people refrain from doing so.

Those who desire to honor and express appreciation to employees at St. John’s may do so through the Employee Appreciation program. All financial gifts are received in aggregate then shared equally among all St. John’s employees, except for senior management, two times a year. Gifts may be offered directly on the St. John’s United Website (be sure to direct your gift to “Employee Appreciation”) or sent to the St. John’s Foundation (be sure to designate your gift to “Employee Appreciation”). Mailing address for the St. John’s Foundation is 3940 Rimrock Road – Billings, MT 59102.

The St. John’s Foundation will provide acknowledgements letters to all donors. These letters may be used for tax advantage documentation purposes.

Thank you to all who express honor and appreciation to our St. John’s United employees.