Registered Visitors agree to the following conditions which must be met at all times:

  • Visits may only occur at times when locations are not in an outbreak (freedom phase).
  • Registered Visitor Badge (visibly worn) and mask must be worn at all times when on campus (including with resident or at CFG). Resident should also wear mask if able to do so.  Center for Generations will follow protocols on mask usage.
  • At each visit, complete the campus screening process (temperature and questions).
  • Only visit during location-specific visitation hours.
  • Will proceed directly to/from resident’s room/apartment or CFG classroom, maintaining social distance at all times.
  • Visit will only occur in resident’s private room/apartment or CFG classroom.
  • Only 2 Registered Visitors at a time visiting one room or apartment or CFG classroom.
  • 14 days of quarantine are required before your visit if you have just returned from out of country (CDC recommendation).
  • Initial badge is free, $20 lost badge fee will apply
  • The above conditions will adapt as COVID-19 changes.

Application Process

Complete an online or mail in application and return with with copies of completed COVID-19 Vaccinations and picture of self for badge. Return to:

Human Resources
St. John’s United
3940 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT 59102

HR will send a confirmation email to you to pick up your Registered Visitor Badge that will provide you access to your requested location. Upon receipt of this photo ID badge, you are welcome to visit. Remember to check current location-specific visitation hours and status prior to visiting as location status can change at any time (see below). We thank you for your understanding should you find access has been turned off.