Step 1: Schedule a COVID-19 Test

In an effort to keep residents healthy, please get a COVID-19 test before entering any SJU Facilities.

Free testing can be done at the following locations:

Gainan Commons (502 North 30th Street): Schedule here

St. John’s Main Campus (3940 Rimrock Rd): Schedule here

Step 2: Schedule a Visitation

St. John’s Main Campus

Mission Ridge

The Crossings

The Willows


If you need to schedule a visit beyond these hours, please contact your unit social worker or manager to make arrangements.

Step 3: Show Up at Schedule Time

Unless otherwise stated when signing up, please show up at the main entry for the building you are trying to enter and wait to be greeted by a staff member.

Up entry, you will be guided through checking in via kiosk to verify your temperature, perform hand sanitization, and verify a face mask is being worn.