I saw a meme this week that made me laugh. It was of a woman staring intently down a street. The by-line at the bottom stated, “Checking to see which chapter of Revelation we are on today.” The tone and the emotion I see and hear does tend to cause to one feel as if we are in an apocalyptic time. There is lots of anger, loud talking (even yelling) commentators, and blame for all things pointed at various elected officials. I have always found it interesting how we will blame the one elected before we will blame ourselves for voting for them, or for tolerating them.

It seems dismal, though, for other reasons as well. Scarcity is one of them. We are so use to have shelves at stores stocked full. Yesterday I had to go to two stores just to find distilled water. Larger ticket items can be even more difficult to find. Scarcity extends to workers and staff as well. The numbers unable to work due to Covid or close contact with Covid positive family members are climbing. Not just here, but also at places like St. Vincent’s and Billings Clinic. Since the current outbreak is mostly among the unvaccinated, it places a high burden on the vaccinated to fill the gaps.

However, all is not doom and gloom, and we are not living in Revelation in spite of how it may feel. Extraordinary times raises up extraordinary people. We continue to provide heartfelt and earnest care because people like you continue to come to work and deliver excellence. More of you are seeing the efficacy of the vaccine and the FDA approval of the one, causing a willingness to receive the vaccine. This will result in a safer work environment and a more consistent work force. It protects those most at risk, especially those who cannot receive the vaccine. You are extraordinary people doing extraordinary work in the most difficult of times. It is a privilege and an honor to work among you.

It is important right now to be intentional during your off time to rest and rejuvenate. What can you do for fun that recharges you? Make sure to honor what you need so life does not feel like a burden, or even apocalyptic. We are neither at the end of time, or at the end of the pandemic. You are needed, necessary, and important. We are here to support each other in our journeys through life. This is especially important now.

May you know blessing and peace this day.

Pastor Karl