The Montana Youth Apprenticeship Partnership (MYAP) is a cohort of employers, educators, government agencies, and community partners working to increase opportunities for Montana’s youth to prepare for in-demand careers through youth apprenticeship programs. MYAP was created in 2019 with a mission to develop and pilot youth apprenticeship programs in Helena and Billings, targeting health care and information technology as primary industry sectors. Future plans include expansion of youth apprenticeship programs in more industries and more Montana communities.

St. John’s United wisely joined MYAP as a champion business partner in 2020 being the first organization to collaborate on the creation and implementation of a youth apprenticeship model. As the business partner, St. John’s United provides the workplace experience and tuition support while MYAP support in student recruitment, training plan development, apprentice and employer training, and ongoing program support. St. John’s United launched its Nursing Apprentice-Fellowship program in the summer of 2020 hiring 5 apprentice-fellows, 3 of which are youth apprentices.