I find it fascinating how our phones will bring back pictures we have taken in the past. The photo icon appears and presto, 5 years ago on this date, 2 years ago…etc. Our memories tend to work that way as well. Snapshots from the past enter; sometimes unbidden, sometimes bringing a smile, sometimes tears, and sometimes fear. The time of the pandemic has many people looking backwards remembering what was. I hear the phrase “before the pandemic” frequently, followed by a waxing of nostalgic memories.

There is also a growing sense of impatience and a desire to move quickly beyond the restrictions of the pandemic. We hear a growing number of stories of the increase of unruly behavior and violence on airplanes and on the highways. Situations that use to call simply for a polite “oh, I’m sorry, excuse me” now rapidly escalate into heated exchanges. We use to be able to agree to disagree, but now such exchanges come with distortions and personal attacks. Rather than seeking understanding, we have become quick to interpret in order to react in a negative way. I believe this is all an outgrowth of our impatience and frustrations.

Right now, at this time, we need calm and loving hearts more than ever. Right now, at this time, simply being a caring human being is more important than ever. Right now, to side with kindness, love, mercy, and grace is necessary. Right now, more than ever, doing the most caring thing we can do for another is life itself. I believe, based on what has been shown me in my life, that we are here as humans to be in loving relationships with one another. We are here to care, to help carry one another’s burdens, to walk alongside one another, to laugh and to cry.  The world needs your human center now more than ever. You are important and necessary – always, but especially now.


Pastor Karl