Due to the scarce availability of personal protection equipment, a call went out from St. John’s United for assistance in sewing isolation gowns for our nursing staff and therapists. Fabric was purchased from local stores at a not-for-profit discount and assembled into ready to go sew kits that included pattern, material, bias tape, and elastic. St. John’s residents, staff, ownership congregations, and others in Billings and surrounding communities responded quickly. By the end of August, 175 isolation gowns had been completed and delivered to St. John’s for usage.

Ellen Kern, St. John’s United Purchasing Coordinator, was elated by the eager and generous response. “Being the person responsible for obtaining the St. John’s United PPE supplies, the nationwide shortage of isolation gowns has not only been a challenge for me, but also a worry that I would not be able to provide the protection our elders and staff need. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of all the volunteers who are making the homemade gowns! Each day I receive a variety of gowns and never thought an isolation gown could be so beautiful!”
If you or someone you know would like to help, contact
Margie Prokop in the St. John’s Foundation.
Phone: (406) 655-5218

Thank you for your support helping to keep our most vulnerable population and health care professionals safe!