St. John’s United has joined the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 via vaccination. Because SJU serves the most at-risk demographic, it’s vital we vaccinate as many of our staff and residents as quickly as possible. Our vaccination clinics with CVS kicked off in mid-January. We’re happy to announce as of January 26th, 89% of our residents and elders have received the first dose of the vaccine. We are now gearing up for clinics to administer the second dose.

To support our vaccine efforts, we’ve launched a vaccine education campaign on our social media platforms highlighting staff and residents who’ve received the vaccine and their reasons for doing so. In addition, we have posts from Health & Wellness Coordinator Dr. Kathleen Baskett answering questions about the vaccine as well as debunking myths. Check out these fun and informative posts on St. John’s United Facebook and Instagram pages!

Here’s hoping the vaccine, along with continued vigilance of mask wearing, watching your distance, staying home when ill and hand washing will help us welcome back traditions of being together.