A life transition or just a retirement goal may create a decision to sell your home. This can seem overwhelming, but there are many tips for selling your home faster.

Hiring a Realtor can help you get the most for your home with their knowledge and expertise. Local advisors have a great understanding of the current market. Finding someone with life experience that matches your current goals can help you with meeting your desired outcome more quickly and smoothly.

You will want to get your property in front of qualified buyers. They may be down the street, but more likely in your community, from another area of Montana or very possibly another state or even another country. Social Media outreach and advertising is crucial for a quick sale. Professional photography will put the best light on your home and create a lot of interest. A Realtor should be able to share their marketing strategy and their networking capabilities throughout the United States and beyond.

Any small repairs made can help improve the appeal of your property. First impressions matter and fresh paint and newer flooring can go a long way. When you list your home you will be filling out an owners’ property disclosure. It is best if you can assure buyers you have already repaired any of the issues you are aware of. Some bigger projects may be included as an allowance to the buyer at closing if finances for the repairs aren’t available before listing, such as a new roof. Discuss with a Realtor a strategy before any issues arise in an inspection.

Your Realtor should provide you with a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). Your home will be compared to sold, pending and active properties in your neighborhood. Since every home is different, your location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, features and finishes will be taken into consideration as well as the condition of your home and the curb appeal. Pricing your home too high may eliminate a number of qualified buyers who won’t even look at anything above a certain price point. Some will move on and may not return even if you do a price adjustment to correct over pricing. Montana is a non-disclosure state so any Zestimates (Zillow Estimates) could be way off. Get a professional CMA.

Make a great first impression. Some people can only see what they actually see. They can’t picture how beautiful your home could look. Give everything a deep cleaning or have someone do it for you. Pack up and store clutter, collections and personal items. You are planning on moving so the headstart is a plus. Staging is arranging your items and/or bringing in furniture or accessories to create a very inviting atmosphere. When you stay at a short-term rental that is clutter-free and cutely decorated you get the feeling of welcome that you want to create in your home for sale. A Realtor should be able to refer various stagers and some of them may provide that service when listing your home.

Getting your home ready, listed and SOLD doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you would like me to provide a CMA or do a walkthrough to advise on what strategy would be best for your sale, please give me a call.

Written by:
Cindi Jarvis
Real Estate Advisor
Engel & Völkers

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  • Posted on: June 20, 2024
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