What is Health?

It’s personal to everyone.

St. John’s United is committed to meeting our clients with personalized rehabilitation and therapy services. With three locations, we develop individualized plans to help those on the road to recovery. For some it may simply be a need for therapy that improves mobility and creates more comfort – from young athletes to the older adults recovering from injury, surgery, or illness.

We are one of the regions finest providers of physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Our specialists work with patients young and old with the goal of returning everyone to their highest level of functioning. With our individualized healthcare services you can also heal at home. No matter your personal journey, you will find a caring heart, partner, and coach to support you towards wellness.

Transitional Care

Our unique transitional care cottages provide a comforting home environment so you can relax, rehabilitate and recharge. Our care specialists can work with your physician and doctor when you come into our care after leaving the hospital so that you are provided with the specific medical needs pertaining to your injury, illness or surgery.

Rehab Services

While it may take time to get you back to living the life you were before an injury, our physical therapy team understands and works with your own healing process. A gentle supporting hand coupled with the right therapy plan will help restore muscle and mobility in your joints and other areas of acute pain. With a consistent therapy schedule we know that flexibility and circulation can be restored to areas that have undergone trauma, helping you live each day more comfortably.

Occupational Therapy

With occupational therapy we believe our patients can continue to do the daily tasks they have performed most of their life with less concern as you age or overcome an injury. Our licensed therapists can help you adapt to the physical requirements of everyday life by providing you with a more safe and healthy approach to those tasks without feeling limited. With occupational therapy we will teach you ways to alleviate the stress of repetitive movement through strengthening, stretching and balance.

Speech Therapy

Our licensed speech therapist works with patients on a variety of speaking disorders related to speech, hearing and swallowing. We help adults dealing with illness, stroke, brain injury or other conditions to improve and restore confidence in communication.

Enhanced Living Services

Enhanced Living Services are available to all Chapel Court Apartment residents. These services are not included in the monthly rental fee and additional charges apply.